What current topic either politically or economically are you most interested in discussing at our next meeting? Comment to share your thoughts.


Tomorrow we will introduce valuations and fundamental stock analysis. In addition we will discuss financial fraud. Below are two articles to read and bring with for discussion:

Securities Fraud


We had a great meeting today discussing the financial crisis, credit ratings, mortgages and interest rates, and current events. Next time we will talk about different asset classes and in particular how you can make trades to take advantage of certain events. See you then! 

P.S. Feel free to post or email any events or articles that you would like to discuss

We will be having our next meeting this Tuesday in BU219 at 7pm. We will start the meeting with a short video on the financial crisis, have some brief discussion, and cover some current events. We will post a couple articles to the blog by Sunday for you to read prior to the meeting. Most likely the topic will be the upcoming fiscal cliff. See you Tuesday!



WSJ Fiscal Cliff Article

Forbes QE3 Article

These articles touch on the fiscal cliff and recent QE3. We will give a background on these topics and discuss among the club. Please read and feel free to print and bring the articles with you to the meeting.

Finance Club kicked off our year with a call-out on Wednesday 9/12. We introduced our exec board and talked a bit about the goals and mission of the club for this school year. We are very excited about our upcoming meetings and speakers and think that this will be a great year.

If you missed the call-out there is no need to worry! We will be having another meeting in two weeks where we will discuss the financial crisis, talk a bit about the capital markets, and cover a few current events as well. We will post the date/time/room for this meeting shortly.